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Business Plans.

The success of any business is rooted in the quality of the business plan. The business plan serves to articulate the business concept and vision into specific financial and strategic deliverables. It is therefore imperative that the business plan be done in a professional manner. The quality of the business plan would make or break a business.

We also support the client in implementing the business plans, including sourcing finance and rollout of the business.

  1. Design & Develop Business Plans The consultancy together with the client will design and develop business plans to suit the clients needs. The driving parameters of any business plan will be the vision and business concept. The process will include detailed research of the macro and micro economic factors impacting on the business, and drill into the specific marketing environment.
  2. Review & refine business plans  We also review and refine existing business plans to bring them to a professional and bankable standard. The review and refinement could also be done to suit specific funding requirements. It could also be done to give an independent audit of the flow of the business concept ideas. Through this process, the clients can also refocus their vision or expand the vision horizons to maximise outcomes. Read more 
  3. Business plan Questionnaire