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MTD Research Data Capturing Services

Data Capturing and validation

MTD Data capture  offers offline and Online Data capture services as well as onsite data capturing outsourcing for surveys, vital statistics and other data. MTD has tried tested mythologies for ensuring quality data within a short turnaround time. All manual data processing /data entry and quality assurance is done by trained and experienced staff. Data output format as flat ASC II, SPSS, stata, epi info, CSV, excel spread sheets, etc as specified by users. Read for More Info →

Data capturing soft wares

For most of the research questionnaire we recommend CSpro. The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a  public domain software package for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating data from censuses and other surveys. It was designed by the United States Census Bureau, Macro International, and Serpro, S.A.

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CSPro can do many things above and beyond what you will need it to do to meet certain  reporting requirements. The features that make CSPro suitable for use  include its adaptability, ability to mimic the design of a paper survey, simple point and click procedures, customized data entry with controls to minimize errors, and the ability to compare data to minimize errors.

Why CSPro?

New CSPro templates include:

  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • Simple data cleaning and quality control functions
  • Ability to conduct additional analysis or easily export data into a number of formats

Apart from the Softwares mentioned we can also design a suitable software customized  to meet client use.

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Cost Effectiveness
“We strive to deliver a service that provides the Client with value for money and contributes sustainability to the protection of our Client’s assets and loss reduction.”
Openness and Transparency
“We are open and transparent with each other and with our Clients.”
Service Standards
“We do not compromise on standards and set standards other battle to follow.”
Ability to Change
“We are constantly sensitive to identify new opportunities and we are pro-actively ready to change without resistance.

Below is a basic model for our data processing approach.

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When considering a manual data entry project, the greatest concern is usually the possibility of human error. It is easy to understand how a manual data entry project might result in omitted data, incorrectly keyed data, incorrectly categorized data or any one of a number of other errors and mistakes. To ensure that your project does not suffer delays or errors, your organization must choose a professional data entry service provider – one with quality processes and a verifiable record of accuracy and quality. Our data entry, data processing and data conversion services are guaranteed for accuracy.  Our double entry verification process ensures that client data is complete and precise. Furthermore, our services are designed to provide complete data security and confidentiality for every client. We produce a work product that provides simple access to critical data and leverages the power of organized information.

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