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MTD Research has done the following project to date.

MTD has completed several research projects, data capturing, database cleaning, online and offsite data capturing validation and data cleaning work The clients list include SAASTA, National research foundation, LLiWO consulting Services, JHC , USB ED, Tshikululu, FNB, HSRC, DPE, Automotive supplier pack, Tshwane Metro Department of infrastructure developmental , Department of transport  roads and  transport.

Data capturing and data cleaning for schools surveys 2015.

Data analysis services 2015

JHC’s annual Rental Survey and Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2013/14 and 2014/15 . This is an annual survey by the JHC on its tenants. MTD was contracted by Ecstatic Marketing And Branding Solutions.  The results were presented to all management and staff as well as the JHC Board. The surveys  confirm JHC’s competitive positioning in the inner city rental housing market and tenants’ generally positive ratings of the quality of accommodation and services that JHC provides.

December 2014 To  February 2015: Employer/Client: USB Executive Development Ltd ;
Funding Agency: USB Executive Development Ltd
Project Name: Student database cleaning
Description of Project: Updating and cleaning the contacts for 50000 students.

November 2012 ToMarch 2013 Client: Tshikululu Social Investments Funding Agency: FNB Project Name: Evaluation of the FNB Fund’s Early Childhood Development Programme. Location and Country: National Description of Project: Evaluationof the FNB Fund’s Early Childhood Development Programme . The evaluations cover North west Province, Eastern Cape, and Free state download report here


November 2012 To December 2012 Client: HSRC Funding Agency: Treasury Project Name: CSPro Data entry interfaces for SANHENEs 2012 Location and Country: Pretoria , South Africa Description of Project: Development of data entry templates for SANHENES 2012 Previous Work Done From (month & year).

March 2012 To (month and year): June 2012 Employer/Client: Umhlaba Funding Agency: PACT SA Project Name: Impact assessment of the COS (circles of support ) prprogrammes to OVC. Location and Country: Description of Project: Development of Questionnaires data capturing, verification and cleaning, Data analysis, formatting and related Reports

From (month & year): February 2012 To (month and year): April 2012 Employer/Client: Supplier Park Development Company pty ltd Funding Agency: SPDC Project Name: Customer Satisfaction Survey at ASP Location and Country: Roselyn Description of Project: MTD completed the fifth customer satisfaction survey at the Automotive Supplier Park in Rosslyn. The project is one of the Gauteng Provincial Government’s Blue IQ initiatives
Current Projects aimed at delivering strategic infrastructure to the South African automotive industry to stimulate sustainable economic growth and job creation.


From  November 2011 to December 2011 Employer/Client: Turnaround Partners Funding Agency: Care International South Africa Project Name: Market analysis Location and Country: Limpopo

From (month &year): May 2011 To (month and year): June 2011 Employer/Client: Underhill corporate solutions/ (USAID), Woord en Daad Funding Agency: United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Woord en Daad Project Name: External Assessment of the Mfesane PEPFAR Community action against HIV/AIDS project in East and Western cape. Location and Country: Western and Eastern Cape Description of Project: Data Processing for External Evaluation of The Community Action Against HIV/AIDS Programme (MFESANE) in Western Cape and Eastern (Saldanha Bay Municipality and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The project included Questionnaire coding and data capturing and analysis. Data entry done in CSPro and analysis done is SPSS.

From (month and year): April 2011 To (month and year): May Employer/Client: Progressus Research and Development / ESKOM Funding Agency: ESKOM Project Name: Eskom Housing Survey: 2011 Location and Country: National Description of Project: Data coding, editing, and capturing, supervision of data capturing, data Cleaning.

From (month and year): April 2010 To (month and year): Ongoing Employer/Client: Department of Public Enterprises/ Government Funding Agency: Government Project Name: Performance monitoring of SOE Location and Country: Pretoria, South Africa Description of Project: Compilation of annual business plans, strategic plans, Quarterly performance monitoring reports,

From (month and year): February 2011 To (month and year): March 2011 Employer/Client: M & R Badiri consultants / Gauteng Provincial Department Of Roads and Transport(GPDRT) Funding Agency: Government Project Name: Customer Satisfaction Survey
Current Projects Location and Country: Gauteng, South Africa Description of Project: data capturing, Data cleaning , analysis and report writing

From (month and year): October 2010 To (month and year): December 2010 Employer/Client: Underhill Corporate solutions/ Gauteng Provincial Department Of Education (GPEDU Funding Agency: Government Project Name: Skills Audit For Abet Educators And Centre Managers In Gauteng Province Location and Country: Gauteng, South Africa Description of Project: Research planning, Literature review, development of data collection instruments, data collection, data capturing, analysis and report writing Location and Country: Gauteng, South Africa Description of Project: Data capturing and cleaning, data cleaning For LPGSSA

From (month and year): January 2010 To (month and year): February March 2010 Employer/Client: Underhill Corporate Solutions/ Gauteng Provincial Government Funding Agency: Gauteng Provincial Government Project Name: Research Survey Into The High Absenteeism Rate Of ABET And FET Learners In Gauteng Province Location and Country: Gauteng, South Africa Description of Project: Coding, data capturing, and data cleaning, data analysis.